Marine Electronics Education in the Palm of your Hand

RipaLip University quickly and easily places information in the palm of your hands, including quick start guide, advanced reference guide, networking and installation, and more.

The mobile app makes it convenient for you to retrieve information while on the water, where and when you need it the most.  Personalize your own rig with all of your gear. Create an unlimited number of cheatsheet settings for your favorite bodies of water.

You don't have to be a pro to use it.

The FREE Angler version provides access to a Quick Start Guide, Resources and more for all Humminbird, Lowrance, Minn Kota and Motorguide units. The paid Pro version unlocks the complete app for $9.99 per year. See our feature comparison for a complete breakdown.

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The Ripalip Marine Electronics Learning System

You can browse through more than 150 products from Humminbird, Lowrance, Minn Kota and Motorguide, eliminating the need to review cumbersome and lengthy manufacturer owner’s manuals or search YouTube for more information.  Whether you are new to marine electronics or have used them for years, you can find valuable tips about the settings of your gear. Get access to the quick start guide, advanced reference guide, installation and networking, resources, FAQs and videos.

We even added a place to enter and save all of your favorite settings once you get your screen dialed in, just in case you need to go back after making adjustments.

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My Rig

Customize the My Rig section to add all the gear that is on your boat.

RipaLip University’s “My Rig” section allows you to customize the app to include all the gear on your boat. Once your rig is configured, you can  quickly jump to all the detailed information you need to get the best out of all that expensive gear you invested in. You can even add a photo of your boat, name and manufacturer.

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Every serious angler knows that you need to tweak your settings when moving from lake-to-lake.

Use our Cheatsheet section to save those “secret” settings for your favorite body of water. We even included a place for notes.

The app also allows you to create an unlimited number of cheatsheet settings for all the places you fish.

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Our proprietary app design allows us to quickly and easily update the technical information with the latest and best practices. We can add this information in real-time without requiring you to download an update. Instead you simply refresh your screen. RipaLip University’s team of top subject-matter experts in the industry ensures you have access to the latest and best information for your gear.

“Regardless of your expertise level, anglers rely on some type of marine electronics for navigation, fish and structure location. But after spending thousands of dollars on marine electronics, anglers are oftentimes frustrated with the complexity of settings and choices that vary based on electronics manufacturer,” said David Janiszewski, RipaLip Owner and Founder. “RipaLip University will end anglers’ frustration and now deliver piece-of-mind to anglers right there on the water, in the palm of their hands.”